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Essential Digital Transformation for Process Manufacturing Operations

Black & White paper is a study based on primary research survey data that assesses the market dynamics of a key enterprise technology segment through the lens of the “on the ground” experience and opinions of real practitioners — what they are doing, and why they are doing it.

Black and White Paper

Special Report on Next-Generation Plant Process Management & Optimization

451 Research recently conducted an independent survey designed to provide insights into Plant Process Management (PPM). The survey took responses from 300 senior executives in the chemicals, pharma and petro derivatives process industries to identify key market trends and indicators. Read the executive summary to better understand the knowledge gaps and communication silos which can inhibit safety as well os process reliability. 

451 Report Cover


Whitepaper on Manufacturing in a Crisis - Keep Communicating

Together with AB Risk Ltd. we have created a whitepaper on "Manufacturing in a Crisis".

Although written in response to the current crisis the information in this Whitepaper should be considered good practice at all times. Companies need to be prepared for crises that can happen at any time. Most will be smaller and more localised but can still have a significant impact on a business. Being able to survive this current crisis will make companies much stronger for the future.


Crisis Response for Manufacturing Teams in the Process Industry

The strongest and richest form of human communication is face-to-face. Until the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, most people took this form of communication for granted. Companies have contingency plans for a variety of circumstances and challenges – even calamities – that might occur. But very few, if any, contemplated a scenario like this pandemic with it hitting the entire world simultaneously and with great speed. As such, the resultant challenges along the entire value-chain also appeared simultaneously with some of the challenges interacting with one another and amplifying their seriousness and complexity.


A Team Approach to Managing Process Upsets in the Chemical Industry

An upset is a result of one or more process-related problems that disturb the intended functioning of a chemical operation. Process upsets are endemic to plant operations within the chemical industry, in spite of all the modern technologies meant to keep operations stable and boring. An upset can have several forms. Upsets, whether major or minor, can consume the time of plant management and operations, and negatively affect production schedules. This is especially true for production teams that lack digital tools needed for information access, through sharing and knowledge capture. Time is wasted searching for information, communicating status, and monitoring follow-ups and investigations across multiple shifts.



Shiftconnector® io

Digitize Your Shift Log. Find out now how you can improve the communication between shifts at all levels with Shiftconnector® io.

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io. Performance

Transparent Real-Time OEE. Simple OEE live analysis of target values, downtimes, quantities or batch cycle times for ever better performance.

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io. Equipment

Comprehensive equipment overview and regulatory compliance for pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing.

451 Report Cover

Success Stories

Covestro: Höhere Effizienz und Sicherheit im Schichtbetrieb

Werkstoffhersteller Covestro stellt in 90 Produktionsanlagen den Schichtbetrieb auf das digitale Schichtbuch Shiftconnector® um 

451 Report Cover

Covestro: Shiftconnector improves safety and efficiency

As part of its digitalization strategy, Covestro, a world-leading manufacturer of high-tech polymer materials, was in search of a solution for digital shift handovers in its production plants.

451 Report Cover

Bayer CropScience: Business Communication for a 3-Shift Operation

At its site in Muttenz (Switzerland) around 250 employees of Bayer CropScience produce pesticides. Manufacturing encompasses two production plants with multipurpose facilities where flexible modifications allow for the production of a variety of products. Production of the pesticides is executed across buildings in three shifts seven days a week. Due to the local separation of the production plants, sharing and exchange of information is extremely important. In order to communicate among shifts and locations an electronic event log is employed.

451 Report Cover

Selected Publications

CITPlus: Kommunikationsprozesse digitalisieren

451 Report Cover

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