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Shiftconnector io® can Improve your Shift Communication

April 07, 2020

When you provide effective shift communication tools for all shift personnel, supervisors and process engineers, you can begin to realize efficiencies throughout your operation.

In the search for efficiency, companies often overlook the power of effective shift communication.  A lot can happen in a 24/7 operation. Without effective shift communication, shift personnel may overlook the significance of events. Supervisors and process engineers may miss opportunities to identify and correct faults. Meetings may take longer, and the managerial staff may have to make critical decisions without complete information.

When you provide effective shift communication tools for all shift personnel, supervisors and process engineers, you can begin to realize efficiencies throughout your operation. Personnel can complete shift handovers more smoothly. All personnel have access to information from previous shifts. Decision-makers have complete information prioritized and organized effectively.

 Effective shift communication also shortens the communication pathway throughout the organization. With the right tools, supervisory personnel can communicate directives and task orders clearly and concisely to front-line workers. Process engineers can communicate directly with both managerial and shift personnel to correct faults and avoid adverse events.

 Accurate, complete data collection is the basis of effective communication. When every team member has access to previous shift data, event status information, process engineering advice and directives flow quickly and easily throughout the organization.

 Eschbach offers a suite of tools designed to support effective shift communication, while recognizing that every operation is unique. We've built flexibility into our tools that enable our users to customize our software to meet the exact needs of their operation.

 We don't develop our software in a vacuum. Instead, we listen to our customers and find ways to meet their evolving needs. Our cooperative approach to design and product management enables us to build software that elevates and supports effective shift communication throughout the customer's organization.

 We've built our software using the extendable data concept (XDC). This approach allows each user to customize the software to meet their unique needs, while ensuring that the software itself remains standardized and easily supportable. Users can also integrate Shiftconnector with other products in their operation. This ensures that data are shared accurately and increases the overall flexibility and efficiency of the organization.

 Our users work in uncompromising environments, so we don't compromise on the stability of our software. We offer a highly stable, fully tested and easily maintainable software platform. We also make available a 24/7 helpdesk to ensure that our customers have the support and service they need, whenever they need it.

If you are looking for ways to improve your shift communication, please contact us at Eschbach. We can provide more information to your management staff or arrange for a pilot installation for your plant.  To contact us, please visit us on the Web at


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