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Achieve Efficiencies with Shift Handover Software

01. March 2020

Shift Handover Software enables organizations to have constant and accurate communications between shifts. Avoid personnel delays and enhance timely decisions based on real time data. Schedule a demo today!

Achieve Efficiencies with Shift Handover Software

To remain efficient, 24-hour chemical production operations require constant accurate communications. Shift-change can introduce production delays if incoming personnel struggle to understand the current state of production. Without up-to-date information, shift supervisors can be forced to play catch-up, losing valuable production time.  Other critical areas – engineering, management, maintenance and QA – also need timely data to make decisions, identify errors and make corrections. In the modern chemical production environment, handover software can provide all workers with the exact information they need to maximize productivity.


Eschbach's Shiftconnector® io connects all facets of the chemical production operation and distributes accurate information to each work team at the beginning of each shift. Production workers know exactly what happened during the previous shift. It provides workers with clear objectives for each shift, highlighting all tasks and completion goals. Shiftconnector® io also enables production personnel to record production data, and report fault conditions or other events that can impair productivity.


Shiftconnector® io handover software provides supervisory personnel with a personalized and complete picture of all events that have occurred since the last time each supervisor logged out of the system.  In addition, the system provides up-to-date analysis  and live tracking of the status of production. Shift supervisors can also electronically sign off on and verify shift handovers.


Process engineers can use Shiftconnector® io handover software to analyze production on a shift-by-shift basis; monitor overall equipment effectiveness (OEE); identify problems or potential problems; disseminate solutions or change orders to the entire production staff; and request sign-offs and acknowledgments as needed.


Management personnel can use Shiftconnector® io handover software to extract and present production data instantly, or track trends over time.  Shiftconnector® io can also help management staff remain apprised of quality and safety data associated with overall production in the facility as well as shift-specific data. In addition, Shiftconnector® io can produce and distribute pre-defined report information to designated personnel. 


Shiftconnector® io provides a convenient tool for shift personnel and shift supervisors to communicate repair and maintenance needs to the maintenance staff. Additionally, the maintenance staff can widely distribute preventative maintenance schedules; acknowledge and respond to out-of-band maintenance requests; coordinate maintenance activities of external service providers or suppliers and integrate with existing maintenance software.


Shiftconnector® io can enable Quality Assurance personnel to monitor production as it happens; spot variations in production that could impact product quality; compare production characteristics of different shifts; and supply data to computer-aided quality software (CAQ) or laboratory information management systems (LIMS) already in place.


Shiftconnector® io handover software provides a wide range of basic functions to help manage the shift change process. Basic functions include handover documentation; shift notes; e-signatures; data analysis; digital notifications; cross-department and cross-shift task allocations; change histories; directives; inspection checklists; "Morning Meeting" status updates; and rights administration to control access according to role.


Add-on features include eXtendable Data Concept (XDC) support; 360° overview to provide individualized updates for supervisory personnel; overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) tracking and data; plant status dashboards; process control systems interface; and email reports. Shiftconnector® io is also available for tablet and touchscreen platforms to facilitate mobile production management and reporting.


If you would like more information about handover software, or how Shiftconnector® io can help your chemical production facility become more efficient, please contact us at eschbach.  We can provide more information to your management staff or arrange for a pilot installation for your plant.  To contact us, please visit us on the Web at

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