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Whitepaper on Manufacturing in a Crisis - Keep Communicating

26. Mai 2020

Together with AB Risk Ltd. we have created a whitepaper on "Manufacturing in a Crisis".

Whitepaper on Manufacturing in a Crisis - Keep Communicating

Communication is critical to manufacturing. But it is not always easy, even in normal times, and it becomes far more difficult in a crisis. Face-to-face communication is always best and we rely on informal, chance encounters more than we may realise.

A crisis can result in higher workload, reduced staffing, people carrying out unusual tasks and working in different locations. Opportunities for face-to-face communication may be reduced and people under pressure communicate less well. In a major crisis these effects can apply to all stages of the supply chain and a normally robust process can quickly fall apart.

"Companies need to be prepared for crises that can happen at any time."

Companies should always be prepared but crises are unpredictable. You need to react and adapt and changes need to be managed properly to ensure they do not create unacceptable risks. This has to be done quickly and decisively. Technology can help overcome changes that affect communication, but only if managed properly to support business processes. Introducing technology in a crisis without proper control can be catastrophic.

This Whitepaper has been commissioned by Eschbach in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their Shiftconnector® product provides a very powerful technology solution to supporting communications that are critical to manufacturing including shift handover and communication between frontline personnel and management, engineers and technical support. 

The current global crisis has required companies to adopt social distancing, which has inevitably resulted in significantly reduced face-to-face interactions. In these circumstances communication can degrade with catastrophic consequences if not managed effectively. 

Guidance on identifying and managing changes taking place as a result of social distance is given and a method is given for monitoring risk on a daily basis. 

Although written in response to the current crisis the information in this Whitepaper should be considered good practice at all times. Companies need to be prepared for crises that can happen at any time. Most will be smaller and more localised but can still have a significant impact on a business. Being able to survive this current crisis will make companies much stronger for the future.

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