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Transform your shift log into an important management tool

30. March 2020

When your business depends upon shift work, your shift log is likely to be one of the most valuable tools you have. Ensure a smooth shift transition to improve efficiencies. Learn More!

Transform your shift log into an important management tool

When your business depends upon shift work, your shift log is likely to be one of the most valuable tools you have.  Shiftconnector® io provides all of the functions you need to communicate effectively and fully document shift handover.

Shiftconnector® io is a fully functional shift log that ensures that all supervisory personnel have access to the information they need to run each shift efficiently. Shiftconnector io provides a 360° view of all events that have taken place on every shift. This detailed documentation can be invaluable when diagnosing problems or evaluating efficiency.

 The value of Shiftconnector® io is not just in the shift-to-shift handover process. Keeping track of all daily events is essential, but Shiftconnector® io provides an auditable record of all events that take place during every shift.  The ability to look back at detailed shift logs can help spot process inefficiencies, trouble events and patterns in personnel performance.

Shiftconnector® io is extremely flexible, too! You can create customized forms that fully support your unique business processes. This allows you to capture the information that's most important to your operation in your shift log.

Shiftconnector® io captures all important information and makes it widely available to shift supervisors and management personnel. Every supervisor is up-to-date on all aspects of production. In addition, Shiftconnector® io delivers a comprehensive overview of all special events, highlighting the event's current status and priority. This assures that managers receive critical information immediately when they log in.

Shiftconnector®io simplifies reporting, which in turn increases the efficiency and clarity of meetings. Your business can also customize email notifications and reporting to ensure that shift information gets distributed reliably.

 It also provides streamlined communications tools that enable management to communicate directly with shift teams. This ensures a clear, concise communications pathway between management and all shift workers.

 One of the remarkable advantages that Shiftconnector® io offers to your business is the ability to capture, analyze and present shift data. Built-in filters and powerful search tools enable users to identify errors and faults. Its data visualization capabilities offer rich decision support using shift log data collected over time.

 The built-in web interface is easy to use and navigate. Users can input and locate data quickly and intuitively. Shift personnel can easily add fault data and event information to the shift log. They can also access information from previous shifts, and receive directives and task orders quickly and efficiently.

Shiftconnector® io also makes available all information, including maintenance, production orders, SCADA and process data, EHS and QM systems. Shift supervisors can electronically sign off on shift handovers and track event statuses in real time.

 Process engineers can take advantage of historical data to identify inefficiencies and faults. They can also conduct real-time analysis as events occur, and issue instructions to shift personnel. Making all data available to all personnel ensures that the entire production team has access to all relevant information all the time.

Shiftconnector® io enables your firm to take full advantage of your shift log data to find efficiencies, eliminate faults and improve communications throughout your facility. If you would like more information about Shiftconnector® io, please contact us at Eschbach. We can provide more information to your management staff or arrange for a pilot installation for your plant.  

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