Stronger together: eschbach and SAP

Andreas Eschbach, CEO and Founder

At eschbach, we’re all about digitally connecting information across your operations and across your platforms. Our plant software solutions connect people across shifts, teams, and areas of responsibility, so plants can be safer, smarter and more productive. A big part of that success comes through connection and integration with solutions from our partners, like SAP.

    We are proud to be an official Silver Partner for SAP. Having worked with SAP for years to ensure a smooth, seamless connection between our software products and theirs, our latest cloud solutions now seamlessly work with SAP S/4HANA Cloud. So, what does this mean for our customers and end users? Streamlined processes, enhanced efficiency, and simpler workflows.

    SAP Silver Partner
    SAP Silver Partner

    How SAP and Shiftconnector® Integration Benefits Users

    When software systems talk to each other, process manufacturers benefit through enhanced safety, improved operational efficiency, and easier access to the data needed for effective decision making. Shiftconnector® users can access reports and data from right inside the SAP dashboard alongside their other data systems. And information put into Shiftconnector, such as maintenance requests and approvals are automatically synced with SAP PM. This two-way integration means:

    • Reduced workloads, as people don’t have to log the same data twice.
    • Fewer opportunities for errors or missed information, making plants safer and stronger.
    • Easier access to information across systems, so users have one single source of truth.
    • Enhanced ability to analyze data across software systems for better visibility into plant performance.

    Software integration in the cloud is even better. In the past few years, both systems have moved to the cloud to enable anywhere, anytime access to information. Cloud-based systems, correctly implemented, offer significant advantages in data availability and data security. Both SAP and eschbach provide secure cloud architecture and developed the systems following industry best practices, such as ISO 27001 and ISO 9001.

      Preparing for a Connected and Integrated Future

      The future of process manufacturing will be all about connection and integration. The proliferation of software solutions and the complexity of manufacturing processes demand solutions that will streamline workflows and enable better planning, troubleshooting and decision making. Systems that allow for easy integration will make plants more responsive and competitive.

      Integrated systems also reduce frustration for employees and minimize training needs. With seamless integration, end users don’t have to worry about which information goes where, where to go to access different types of data, or whether there are data discrepancies between different systems. They can simply do their jobs, relying on behind-the-scenes software to make it all work.

      That’s why eschbach is committed to developing and maintaining strong partnerships with providers like SAP. As the manufacturing software ecosystem continues to expand, we will continue to look for opportunities to work with partners who meet our standards for security and compliance and provide innovative solutions for process manufacturers. By working together, we can create integrated cloud-based solutions that make life easier for everyone.

      Shiftconnector is available through the SAP Store, where you can learn more about how our products work together.

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