Case Studies


Innovative Asset Utilization at BASF

PhD Michael Eckardt, BASF Project Lead, Technical Process Optimization and eschbach founder and CEO Andreas Eschbach presented a case study on asset utilization at the AVEVA World 2023 event in San Francisco. During this event, we showcased how BASF, a leading crop science company, successfully implemented a global standard for data sharing with their manufacturing teams using PI Asset Framework and Event Frames.

BASF's goal is to consistently improve the overall performance of their manufacturing plants, and to achieve this, they needed to integrate AVEVA PI data with SAP PM, creating a seamless flow of information from sensor data to their global asset performance database. This is where Shiftconnector, our plant process management solution, played a pivotal role in helping them achieve a single source of truth.

Shiftconnector io.Performance has not only driven standardization within BASF, but it has also empowered plant workers and OpEx engineers to shorten batch cycle times and enhance asset performance. The solution has become a key driver for efficiency and effectiveness across the organization.

During the session at AVEVA World 2023, PhD Michael Eckardt and Andreas Eschbach shared best practices on the technical aspects of implementing such a system and discussed how to drive standardization across a global manufacturing enterprise to create tangible value. Additionally, they conducted a live demo of Shiftconnector io.Performance, showcasing how PI Event Frames can be leveraged to monitor the performance of an active ingredient manufacturing plant. They demonstrated how OEE data is validated by the shift team and contextualized with relevant human knowledge.

Overall, the presentation highlighted the success story of BASF in achieving improved asset utilization through the implementation of Shiftconnector io.Performance. “We believe that our solution can contribute to the success of other companies in the manufacturing sector as well, and we are excited to share our knowledge and experience with a wider audience”, explains Andreas Eschbach.

Key Learnings:

  • Best practices: How one of the world's largest crop science companies creates value from standardizing data with the PI System
  • Shiftconnector io.Performance as a driver for global data standardization
  • Batch cycle time and OEE tracking with PI Event Frames and Shiftconnector io.Performance
  • Adding context from the plant workforce to PI data
  • Reporting and visualization or continuous improvement

About BASF's Agricultural Solutions Division

Farming is fundamental to providing enough healthy and affordable food for a rapidly growing population while reducing environmental impacts. Working with partners and agricultural experts and integrating sustainability criteria into all business decisions, we help farmers create a positive impact on sustainable agriculture. That's why we invest in a strong R&D pipeline, connecting innovative thinking with practical action in the field. Our portfolio comprises seeds and specifically selected plant traits, chemical and biological crop protection, solutions for soil management, plant health, pest control, and digital farming. With expert teams in the lab, field, office, and in production, we strive to find the right balance for success - for farmers, agriculture, and future generations. In 2022, our division generated sales of €10.3 billion. For more information, please visit

About PhD Michael Eckardt

PhD Michael Eckardt is Project Lead for Technical Process Optimization at BASF's Agricultural Solutions segment in Ludwigshafen, Germany. He has more than 25 years of experience in the chemical industry, including roles in management and production. His responsibilities include performance management, continuous improvement of production processes, team building, cost optimization, quality assurance, and capital investment activities. He is passionate about combining the different sources of a production plant such as in-line analytics, process data, and lab results with the knowledge of the operators and engineers to gain a more complete picture of how best to optimize and manage a chemical asset.

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