ESG - Environmental Social Governance

Getting Your ESG Proposition Right Fosters Unknown Value Creation

Implementing ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) practices in the process industry is vital for ensuring sustainability, mitigating environmental risks, and promoting social responsibility. Therefore, the success of your company, like any other, is deeply connected to ESG concerns. A strong ESG proposition can create value and empower smart manufacturing procedures. But how can you get there?

The Individual Components of ESG

First of all, let us shed some light on the components of ESG

  • The "E" in ESG, environmental criteria, encompasses the energy your company consumes, the waste it produces, the resources it requires, and the resulting consequences for living beings. Every company utilizes energy and resources, and every company impacts and is impacted by the environment.
  • The "S" in ESG, pertains to the relationships and reputation your company builds with individuals and institutions within the communities it operates in. This includes labour relations and diversity and inclusion. Every company operates within a diverse society.
  • The "G" in ESG, refers to the internal system of practices, controls, and procedures that a company adopts to govern itself effectively, make sound decisions, comply with the law, and meet the needs of external stakeholders. Governance is essential for every company, as it is a legal entity.

Just as ESG is an integral aspect of your business operations, its individual elements are interconnected. For example, social criteria is connected to environmental and governance criteria when companies strive to comply with environmental regulations and broader sustainability concerns.

Why exactly does a strong ESG proposition make financial sense? 

Based on our experience, ESG impacts cash flow in three crucial ways:

  1. Facilitate revenue growth while strengthening your reputation – become attractive to customers with more sustainable products as well as motivating employees through greater social credibility.
  2. Enable efficient plant process management while reducing costs – via lower energy consumption and less water consumption.
  3. Minimize regulatory interventions while making it easier for your employees to comply with regulations.

Each of these factors should be considered by leaders when approaching ESG opportunities, as well as understanding the dynamics necessary for these factors to have the most significant impact.

Chemical workers looking on shiftconnector screen
Chemical workers looking on shiftconnector screen

Driving Advanced Plant Operations with Shiftconnector

Environmental Social Governance
Environmental Social Governance

To enhance environmental sustainability, the chemical industry can focus on continuous improvement strategies for processes that optimize energy consumption, reduce emissions, minimize waste generation, and limit water consumption. By adopting cleaner technologies and creating closed-loop systems, companies can significantly reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier environment.

The social aspect can be optimized through the concept of Industry 5.0. Industry 5.0 goes beyond the automation and digitization of processes, focusing on human-to-human and machine-to-human communication while empowering shift teams. By implementing human-centric processes with AI-infused technology, improving collaboration, and enhancing safety through seamless information sharing in real-time, the chemical industry can ensure the social well-being of its workforce.

Resolving governance issues within the industry requires a strong compliance culture that adheres to regulations and rules. Companies need to establish robust governance frameworks that ensure transparency, accountability, and ethical behaviour at all levels of plant operations. With an innovative, guided collaboration and communication solution, like Shiftconnector, this concern can be addressed successfully.

Implementing ESG principles within the process industry is crucial for long-term sustainability and responsible business practices. By focusing on more efficient processes and optimized energy consumption, the industry can address environmental concerns. By embracing the concept of Industry 5.0 and prioritizing the well-being and social welfare of its workers, social aspects can be optimized. Establishing strong governance frameworks, complying with regulations, and promoting transparency, the industry can tackle governance challenges and ensure ethical behaviour. Through the collective implementation of these measures, the chemical industry can build a more sustainable, socially responsible, and environmentally conscious sector.


Not only an important part of our corporate goals, but with Shiftconnector we support the process industry in implementing the goals relating to environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance (so-called ESG criteria: Environmental, Social and Governance). We recently received a bronze award from EcoVadis for this.

ECO Vadis Zertifikat
ECO Vadis Zertifikat

Learn how Shiftconnector supports your ESG efforts?

Explore how to reach your ESG goals through seamless 24/7 information flows. Download our ESG Guide for FREE.

Whitepaper sustainable manufacturing
Whitepaper sustainable manufacturing

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