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How will Shiftconnector® help YOU? Get the impact report!

June 21, 2021

PROOF OF CONCEPT: Long-running plant processes need multiple shifts of workers. Our Analyst Impact Report shows you real-world Shiftconnector® advantages. Get it now, to profit from the knowledge lead!

How will Shiftconnector® help YOU? Get the impact report!
How will Shiftconnector® help YOU? Get the impact report!

Shiftconnector®: The paradigm shift from face-to-face handover to digital records

Eschbach's software platform is centered around the specific challenges of long-running plant processes that rely on multiple shifts of workers. At the end of each shift, valuable information, insight and the occasional hunch or suggestion is passed from shift to shift – typically in a short face- to-face meeting. The company seeks to digitally capture and normalize that information exchange.

The true impact of eschbach's people-based data source for the process industry's IIoT

Training AI systems for predictive maintenance, lowering risk of injury, minimizing loss of data, providing historical records, optimizing knowledge transfer – the Shiftconnector® advantages for the process industry are manyfold. In this whitepaper, 451 Research looks at the real-world impacts of eschbach's web browser technology.

SWOT Analysis: 451 Research on eschbach's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

The 451 Research impact report by Ian Hughes has a look on the big industry names trusting in eschbach's expertise, and the reasons for said trust. Find out what their independent analysis says on the topics of shift handover, business and engeneering processes, as well as eschbach's contribution to IT/OT convergence.

About the author

Ian Hughes is a Senior Analyst for the Internet of Things practice at 451 Research. He has 30 years of experience in emerging technology as a developer, architect and consultant through key technology trends. Ian has 20 years of experience at IBM in cross-industry application development. This included automotive, global sporting events, retail and telecommunications.

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