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Avoid the crises: free whitepaper on operational efficieny.

June 17, 2020

From crisis response to contingency plans – Shiftconnector® supports you in demanding plant management situations, to optimize agility and efficiency. How so? Find out here, in our free whitepaper!

Avoid the crises: free whitepaper on operational efficieny.
Avoid the crises: free whitepaper on operational efficieny.

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COVID-19 as a teacher

For most of us, the speed, intensity and scope of the COVID pandemic impact was unprecedented and, probably, unforeseeable. But it is all the more important, to draw the right conclusions from it!

Join the crisis management cycle

For a responsible crisis management there are 3 main fields to be considered:

1. Production team’s agility: To keep the availability of your shift teams, you need to reduce the shift-to-shift contamination.

2. Remote team and plant management: Enable plant managers and process engineers to work remotely – and to do this effectively and efficiently.

3. Extraordinary actions and contingency plans: Be prepared to downsize your production team and to handle additional critical actions.

Only if all of these criteria are met, safety and a flexible, efficient workflow concerning unexpected crices can be guaranteed.

Shiftconnector®: Your way to solve most process industry crices – before they occur.

Be it your company's individual best practice setup, the reduction of shift-to-shift contamination, an optimized shift protocol preparation and handover, and more – there are multiple possibilities of accounting for possible crises. And they can save lifes! Therefore, we strongly recommend to research the Shiftconnector® possibilities. Our extensive, 18-page crisis response whitepaper gives you highly important details on the subject of crisis management.

Interested? Just fill out the contact form, to get the full whitepaper. Via email – for free!

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