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Crisis response for manufacturing teams: get the whitepaper!

May 26, 2020

Maintenance, technical support, supply chain continuity: Crisis response in the process industry can be quite complex. It needs a meticulously planned-out work flow. How to achieve that? Find out here, in our whitepaper written by Andy Brazier!

Crisis response for manufacturing teams: get the whitepaper!
Crisis response for manufacturing teams: get the whitepaper!

Crises will happen: the process industry should always expect the unexpected.

In your line of work, keeping a calm mind and steady hand while managing crises, is as crucial as it gets. That's why, in the light of recent COVID-related events, we commissioned this detailed whitepaper for the process industry. Read it, to find out how to optimize coping with unforeseen and hardly controllable situations in the work process. Although written in response to the current crisis, the information in this whitepaper should be considered good practice at all times.

Information transfer is key: streamline communications.

A crisis can have a big impact on the way business is done, and this can affect communication. Increased workload caused by greater demands or reduced staffing (or both) leads to people having less time to exchange knowledge.

Workers carrying out unusual tasks or covering roles they are not familiar with means that the requirements for communication are not met. Additionally, in situations like the current COVID pandemic, people working in different locations reduce the opportunities to meet face-to-face.

You need means of reacting to an ongoing crisis.

The necessary fields of crisis management are quite multi-faceted: Be it management and technical support, a detailed shift handover, maintenance, supply chain continuity – all these factors call for a functioning Plant Process Management (PPM). This is, where the coordinating support by software like Shiftconnector® truly shines – and might even save lives.

If you want to know more about hot to assess risks and counter dangers dynamically during a crisis, this whitepaper is for you.

About the author

Andy Brazier is a risk consultant specializing in human factors and process safety. He has a chemical engineering degree, a PhD and vast consultancy experience. Andy Brazier has worked as a consultant since 1996 and founded AB Risk Limited in 2008.

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